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The Perfect Blend Of Sound For Your
Robotic Sound
Experience A High-Quality Sound of Music or your Favorite Podcasting. Our smallest, lightest true wireless earbuds pack a full punch of new tech. Each bud has a single touch button to do everything you’re used to, and sound brilliant doing it.
Our Noise Cancelling technology, also found in Robotic Sound, is key to taking the edge off a noisy world. Well, that plus two directional microphones in each earbud to help you focus on the voices you want to hear—and filter out the noises you don’t. All so you can comfortably hear every word. And with other special controls built-in, listening to music or other content on a smartphone is made better, too.
And if you're into yoga, plugin and block the negative noises around you and meditate with the sound of peace.
Why Whey Protein?
Benefits & Results
Elite Performance Whey Protein powder is perfect for all athletes, whether you’re a body builder or a runner, you will benefit from the high amount of protein this supplement contains and see a difference in your performance. Our whey protein contains high levels of amino acids, which help build muscle. 
  • Quicker Muscle Gains
  • ​Enhanced Athletic Ability
  • ​32 Grams of Protein Per Scoop
  • ​Only 6 Grams of Carbs In Each Serving
  • ​Faster Recovery
  • ​100% Whey Protein Isolate Concentrate
Why Robotic Sound?
 Benefits & Results
Designed For You Robotic Sound Lets you get you to your music fast. Play, pause, skip tracks and control your phone calls with a touch of a button. The enhanced headphones let you make and receive calls with clarity. Talk for hours and stop limiting yourself.

Robotic Sounds earphones are built to revolutionize your workouts. With zero wires to hold you back, you’ll always have your music to motivate you. And stay connected in over 100 Ft.  Also design for sweat and water resistance with replaceable, secure-fit earplugs for added comfort and stability. 

Have the power of voice control with hands-free controls via “Hey  Siri” on iOS devices, and voice capability with the touch of the button on a variety of compatible devices, you can stay in the zone.
  • Better Sound Quality
  • ​10 Hr. of Epic Sound
  •  Hands Free Bluetooth Connection
  • ​Sweat And Water Resistance
  • ​Touch Control 
  • ​100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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